Our Principles

Chatham Landscape Services Takes a Principled Approach to Caring for Your Property.

  1. Create value. For homeowners, value manifests itself through personal enjoyment and increased property value; for asset managers, through full occupancy at escalating rental rates leading to greater asset value. Value is a long-term return on investment, which we achieve through a studied approach to planning, design, material selection and installation.
  2. Horticultural science is the foundation of landscaping. Chatham managers are college-educated and field-experienced with a thorough understanding of horticulture. Our landscape architects are degreed, licensed and the recipients of countless industry awards.
  3. We communicate. We determine in advance if there are any particular issues our customers wish addressed. Our English-speaking crew leaders communicate directly with homeowners and management.
  4. Seasonal Color. We are known for our flowers. Our expertise in floriculture is founded on a solid understanding of colors and designs and how they impact the landscape. Our award-winning color service differentiates our clients from others and creates visual impact.
  5. Our last name is Services. We have a bias to act. Your account manager will inspect your property and the quality of the work we've done for you. We will also advise you on issues like irrigation, tree service, hardscape, gutters, retaining walls, sidewalks, fences, gates, erosion and drains.
  6. Landscapes have problems. We design solutions. Our degreed and licensed landscape architects work to provide solutions for our clients on drainage issues, enhancement and capital improvement projects. Our staff's knowledge, understanding, and more than 50 years of experience in horticulture assures that we will propose the best design solutions.