Come to the Beautiful Sign Northwest Atlanta, GA

Maintenance / Seasonal Color

  • Northwest Atlanta, GA RW-11.jpg

    “A view like this makes you want to tell people where you live: ‘Come to the beautiful sign and turn in.’ Rudbeckia Hirta ‘Prairie Sun’, Begonias and Marigolds bring bold color to this traffic-stopping display along Northside Parkway in Northwest Atlanta. Evergreen Nandina add burgundy fall color.”

  • Northwest Atlanta, GA RW-12.jpg

    “A water feature worthy of a high-end residence.”

  • Northwest Atlanta, GA RW-13.jpg

    “Colorful Hydrangeas and annuals lead to this building entry. The dry stacked stone wall (in which mortar is not visible) and bench in the background introduce residential elements that are especially important to creating a sense of home. Selection and placement of plant materials demonstrate an understanding of sunlight and shadows along the space. Vinca would typically cascade over the wall, but here we cut it back to permit seating on the wall.”

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