Creating an Oasis in the Inner City Midtown Atlanta, GA


  • Midtown Atlanta, GA TU-11.jpg

    “Surrounded by residences, this garden is an oasis in the inner city, a spot where owners can work via wi-fi or inspect nature close-up. Materials are selected for their ability to flourish in shade or partial sunlight and add color through flowers or foliage throughout the year.”

  • Midtown Atlanta, GA TU-12.jpg

    “Urban addresses with limited green space place a premium on detailed landscape maintenance. Here, landscaping around the fountain is given a formal treatment with groomed shrubbery and balanced plantings like a Mediterranean plaza.”

  • Midtown Atlanta, GA TU-13.jpg

    “Outside the gate, pots and color welcome prospective residents to the management office and introduce the Mediterranean theme of the landscaping.”

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