Designing for Site & Architecture Northside Atlanta, GA

Landscape Design & Installation / Maintenance / Pools, Patios & Spas / Hardscape Design & Installation / Water Features

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    "Gardens are not all grass and shrubs. At this north Atlanta, GA home, a cooling manmade waterfall borders the motor court opposite the front door. Maintaining the area requires cleaning of the pool and controlling the Creeping Jenny (which we planted) and the Lichens and Moss so that the scene keeps its natural north Georgia mountain character. Notice how the waterfalls accent the specimen plantings - the uppermost peeking out from beneath the Japanese Maple atop the hill; the second, the Deodar Cedar to its left.."

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    "Pots frame the front door, adding interest and warmth to the entry. Capable of accommodating a broad variety of plant shapes and sizes, they enable seasonal color and tall evergreens."
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    "Here again, pots add color to the modern architecture of the home. With the turf, they beautify the view from the pool house."
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    "Not all pools require concrete decking. At this north Atlanta, GA home, the turf beautifully bridges the pool and home."
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    "Maintenance as it should be. Note the crisp lines of the Boston Ivy above the pool house, the turf, hedge and trellis against the chimney."
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