Resort Living At Home East Cobb County, GA

Design & Installation / Landscape Maintenance / Seasonal Color / Pools, Patios & Spas / Hardscapes / Outdoor Lighting

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    ”Well-placed color invites guests to the entry.“

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    “Nothing says ‘Welcome!’ like a dazzling display of color. We also integrated the front porch concrete planters into the home by staining them to match the hardware of the lamps.”

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    “Atlanta's temperatures sometimes reach tropical levels so why not have your landscape reflect it? Canna Lilies are perennials but we use them as annuals in these pots.”

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    “We designed the pool and spa for this East Cobb County, GA home with enough looseness to create a lagoon feeling. The spa cascades down a terrace of Tennessee fieldstones, each weighing roughly 1,500 pounds. We also maintain the 30-foot Magnolias that we planted to rise above the 12-foot retaining wall behind the pool.”

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    “Vehicular circulation leads to a parking court without interrupting the views of the house. Even at night, our lighting plan and the well-formed vertical plantings impart approachable scale to the home.”

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    ”After a great day on the golf course and dinner at the country club, taking the cart path back to your home and seeing this view of your backyard might still be the highlight of your day.“

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    ”White lighting reflects green off the Magnolias onto the retaining wall behind the pool. Our turf management and lighting make an evening walk behind the home a regal experience.“

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    ”Dramatic lighting imparts a resort feel and extends the usable hours of the pool of this country club home in East Cobb County, GA.“

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