First Impressions Marietta, GA

Design & Installation / Maintenance / Seasonal Color / Pools, Patios & Spas / Hardscapes / Water Features

  • Marietta, GA DY-11.jpg

    “Seasonal color at eye level makes a vivid first impression upon arrival.”

  • Marietta, GA DY-12.jpg

    ”Vehicular and pedestrian circulation is one of the three cornerstones of our design philosophy. Here, you see how guests are visually led from the motor court to the front door by the consistent use of Tennessee fieldstone in the walk, walls and columns of the front porch.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-13.jpg

    ”River rock creates a natural look for the manmade waterfall and pool that greet visitors along the walk to the front door. Gardens require structure that will see them through seasonal change. That is achieved here through well-placed and appropriately scaled evergreens that allow different plants to gain importance as seasons change. Water features require cleaning and mechanical maintenance and a varied landscape like this — with its mix of formal and informal shapes — demands horticultural knowledge and artistic sensibilities.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-14.jpg

    ”The walk to the front door of this Marietta, GA home gently rises and descends as it bridges a stream we created.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-15.jpg

    ”We introduce man-made objects — pots and seating here — to capture the eye and we employ a regular team of maintenance professionals under the direction of an assigned account manager to keep the landscape inviting to family and guests, including winged ones. Can you spot the Monarch butterfly in the foreground? Yes, it really was there.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-16.jpg

    ”Natural paths encircle the house. Ankle- to knee-high plant heights produce an open, welcoming area where taller plants would create a claustrophobic space. The serpentine design of stepping stones allows places for accent plants along ever-changing sight lines.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-17.jpg

    ”We lined the drive to owner parking of this Marietta, GA home with knockout roses and laurel arborvitae among other decorative plantings. The wrought iron fence is decorative and practical — strong enough to stop vehicles from passing over a retaining wall up to 18-feet high.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-18.jpg

    “When you have views like this, prepare to entertain a lot of guests. The retaining walls along the entry court are up to 18' high. Note the additional parking. The surrounding woodlands are home to a large and hungry deer population. Our maintenance program uses special sprays to keep them on a diet.“

  • Marietta, GA DY-19.jpg

    ”Grass is planted through ‘Grasscrete’, a concrete form that allows parking and fire truck access. The stone set with differently-sized river slips defines the end of overflow parking. Caring for grass planted through ‘Grasscrete’ requires knowledge and special attention.“

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