Turf & Trees Buckhead Community of Atlanta, GA

Turf Preparation / Turf Installation / Turf Maintenance / Tree Spade Planting

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    “On large estates, turf areas can dominate the view on the drive up to the entry. Different grasses demand different soils, and the proper topsoil can establish a lawn as early as one year in. Then it’s all about care. Our crews are trained to feed the turf for proper color and maintain optimal mowing height. Where grade, design and expanse permit, we employ cross-hatched cutting to stand blades up straight and avoid tracks in the lawn.

    ”We added two Zelkova Serratas to the front of this estate in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, GA to frame the front door and conceal a large portion of the roof. The trees were six inches in diameter, 18 feet tall and eight to ten years old at installation with root balls that weighed approximately one ton. They may ultimately grow to 80 feet in height and spread.“

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