Bordering a National Park Kennesaw, GA

Design & Installation / Maintenance / Seasonal Color / Pools, Patios & Spas / Hardscapes / Playscapes

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    ”We began working with the owners of this home one year before its construction, helping them locate the site fronting Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Our landscape plan sited the home on the property and established the vehicular and pedestrian circulation around the property.“

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    ”Every rear window of this Kennesaw, GA home views the pool. Tall evergreens — Leland Cypress and Deodar Cedars — provide privacy. The landscape plan provides a large green space for children and a smaller space for adult and family entertainment.“

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    ”How satisfying is it to drive up to this!“

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    ”Nothing marks an entry like color.“

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    ”The kitchen views a garden off the side entry. We suggested this space for an herb garden because it can't be seen from the front and is close to the kitchen. We designed and built raised herb planters to match the home and enclosed them with a low Boxwood hedge. The beauty of this area holds up in all seasons, even winter.“

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    ”Color defines the side entry as well.“

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    ”From the generously-sized hot tub just slightly higher than the pool, the family and guests can view Kennesaw Mountain without being seen by neighbors.“

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    ”The garden walk of this Kennesaw, GA home incorporates enough perennial structure to provide color without annual replanting.“

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    ”The pool deck is extended and softened by grass framed by plantings, including these Shasta Daisies.“

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    ”A three-rail country fence blurs the border with the National Park.“

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