Beautiful on a Budget Marietta, GA

Design & Installation / Maintenance / Hardscapes

  • Marietta, GA RE-11.jpg

    ”Creating curb appeal begins with leading the eye to the entry. Note how the crisp edging of the turf leads to the door of this East Cobb County home and how the trees frame the entry.“

  • Marietta, GA RE-12.jpg

    ”We decluttered the front yard, altered the grade, then built the wall to create separation from the street. We added the pot to introduce a colorful focal point.“

  • Marietta, GA RE-13.jpg

    ”The wall creates a backdrop for a picturesque seating area.“

  • Marietta, GA RE-14.jpg

    ”Landscaping on a budget is advanced by making use of existing materials. We relocated the variegated Liriope from the previous landscape and worked around the existing Crepe Myrtles on the left of the drive.“

  • Marietta, GA RE-15.jpg

    ”A close-up of the Peegee Hydrangeas that anchor the wall.“

  • Marietta, GA RE-16.jpg

    ”The side yard was draining into this Marietta, GA home. We excavated, installed an elaborate subsurface drainage system and re-graded to direct water away from the home. We used stepping stones and slate chips rather than mulch to maintain the drainage plan.“

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