Front Yard Double-Duty Brookhaven, GA

Design & Installation / Maintenance / Seasonal Color / Pools, Patios & Spas / Hardscapes / Playscapes

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    ”A pool takes up the entire backyard of this Brookhaven, GA home and the owners wanted a safe play space for their children and dogs. Our solution: landscape the front yard in a way that retained the curb appeal of the Country French architecture and satisfied their need for a play area.“

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    ”We leveled the front yard behind a stone wall that we constructed, then planted hardy, lush Zeon Zoysia turf. The custom two-rail cedar fence is backed with 2“ x 4“ black welded wire that contains the dogs but is invisible from the street.“

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    ”The color theme established at the street continues to the front door.“

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    ”Be certain your designer is familiar with municipal standards regarding watershed management, tree preservation and other environmental issues. Here we expanded the decking to the existing pool using pervious pavers compliant with local ordinances. We also treated a drainage-challenged area of the backyard with high child and dog traffic by grading and installing synthetic turf.“

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