Backyard Fun Northside Atlanta, GA

Landscape Design & Installation / Maintenance / Hardscapes / Playscapes

  • Northside Atlanta, GA WH-11.jpg

    ”We created a more pleasing street view of this Northside Atlanta, GA home by re-grading the grounds and placing the home on a plateau allowing it to read straight across. We used hardscaping and plant materials typical for the neighborhood — Cherokee flagstone in the wall, Peonies, American Boxwoods, well-groomed English Ivy, and Camellias at the corners of the house. The children’s swing (left of the garage) can evolve into an adult sitting area that affords a panoramic view down the street.“

  • Northside Atlanta, GA WH-12.jpg

    ”Our design for the backyard created an economical slate chip patio for alfresco dining and play area for the children that can be viewed by parents. We brought in large stepping stones to enable children to climb the slope to the outdoor arts and crafts area beneath the sun room.“

  • Northside Atlanta, GA WH-13.jpg

    ”We created two ways to get where you want to go — the adult way and the fun way.“

  • Northside Atlanta, GA WH-14.jpg

    ”We expanded the usable space by grading into the slope and building a wall for rest and seating.“

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    ”Every backyard should have a zipline“

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