Creating an Estate Setting Roswell, GA

Landscape Design & Installation

  • Roswell, GA SE-11.jpg

    “Vehicular and pedestrian circulation, the heart of the estate setting, begins at the approach to the home. A long drive carries owners to the garage beside this Roswell, GA estate. A motor court welcomes guests to the front door.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-12.jpg

    “Statuary and a tiered wall anchor the motor court with a seating area that affords a sweeping view of the estate. We graded the grounds to lift the turf, concealing the driveway and expanding the view of the park-like setting.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-13.jpg

    “Encore Azaleas make a showy twice-a-year display on the way to the garage.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-14.jpg

    “A walk around the grounds takes strollers past Azalea beds and beneath a canopy of Japanese Maples.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-15.jpg

    “Decks and walkways are designed to provide striking views of the grounds.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-16.jpg

    “Our vision for this stairway from the deck to the backyard employed materials and colors found in the home’s architecture.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-17.jpg

    “Brilliant Clematis wrapping the rails adds a natural feel to the brick walkway.”

  • Roswell, GA SE-18.jpg

    “All paths lead to the pool.”

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